Charlie Trotter Days: August 15-19, 2018

Join the celebration and give back. Charlie Trotter Days is a time when America’s food and beverage scenes celebrate Chef Charlie Trotter’s culinary legacy. Each participating food and drinking establishment offers a dish, menu, or beverage inspired by Charlie Trotter, a culinary and humanitarian visionary. Now in its fifth year, Charlie Trotter Days is a way for the restaurant industry and the public to come together and join the party. Proceeds from the featured items will support The Trotter Project’s Pillars of Excellence Program – an initiative designed to educate, mentor, and provide scholarships for the next generation of culinary and hospitality talent. 

Here’s how to join in the celebration:

1)   Share your experience via social media #CharlieTrotterDays
2)  To support our work, make a donation today

Are you interested in participating in Charlie Trotter Days? Please click on this link for sign up sheet and to participate or email for details.

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Proceeds will benefit The Trotter Project’s Pillars of Excellence Program, which opens doors through education, mentorship, and the pursuit of excellence in the global culinary and hospitality industries.